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Track 6(last track)W.M.A.(white male american) VS W.M.A(white male anarchist).:From dream to nightmare, there's just a small step... Idiocracy...I don't want a world wide suicide

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What happened to the boat!!


I fell asleep ..

I'm sorry Leonardo...

I think that something is wrong with the boat

Here we are in the U.S.A.......

Bob, can you knock on the door please?

Hello U.S.A.!!!

My name is Low.

i came here in peace.

As a gift, i bring you roses of course and guns 'cause I know you like it.



You are living in a jungle?

Fucking awesome!!

What have you done with the american dream?


Hello, 3 kings to welcome me in your beautiful country...

I'm very pleased and honored

Hi Bruce

Hi Elvis

Hi Mickael

How are you guys?

I think that there's something wrong in this world

I don't know when it failed..

For us, the rock nation, it's the D-day

Look in the air

Can you see her?

I began my story with her

She' still in her jet and still saying the same thing


Look at this zeppelin!!!!

Here they are...Aerosmith

Oh...I see Eddie, Jeff ,Chris, Stone, Matt...everyone...

What are you doing guys?

I'm in the same mood as you guys...

Time has come to change ..to change ourselves and to change the world.

We have to live in a better world....for the children, for tomorrow

My dear Chris, I can see something in our eyes...

Are you ok?


Don't worry my sweet Chris!

Things gonna change

Where is the american dream?

Donald is now president

His name is Donald but  in reality , he 's


Track 6(last track)W.M.A.(white male american) VS W.M.A(white male anarchist).:From dream to nightmare, there's just a small step... Idiocracy...I don't want a world wide suicide


I thought Obama changed the things

It' s not as easy as we would 


What about what Al Gore said?

Where is the 4th king?


King Martin.....???


Where's his dream?

Today, we're all slaves.

What about your children?


Just let me a few minutes to breath....


Let's go to the west coast....

We're gonna take a taxi


Did i fuck your wife?

No , sorry...

Can you drive me to Seattle please?

Yes, you can



I'm non-typical


I'm just a little frenchie


Here we are.....Seattle...this beautiful city


Hé Low Hé Loww

Ho Low

Hé Low Hé Low

Ho Low

What are you doing ?

I think it smells like Ten spirit...

With the lights out

Entertain us


Yes .....My favourite band is here


We met in this video many years ago 

Eddie, can you tell me what 's wrong with our society?


Can we change something?

Can we change everything?

How Low?

I don't know

I think we have to change ourselves before changing the world

I think we have to BE more than to  HAVE

I think we have to LOVE more than to HATE

I think we have to be WITH more than to be VS

I think we have to dare, to share , to care


U.S.A.....if you create the problems.....you can find the solutions...for sure

Can you hear this bell....????

It's not the judgment day...

It's the changement day

Anti-Capitalism/!Death of Capitalism

Let's do like the Boss....we have to work on a dream

We have to dream our lives.

My name is Low and I came from a beautiful country: Utopia

In this counrty, all the dreams are free.



Blood is for my children, for the children, for the whole humanity

Blood is for life 

Money is for capitalism



This is the hidden track

I've looked in my rearviewmirror since the beginning 'cause I've looked in my past


Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town

I seem to recognize your face

I swear I recognize your breath

i just wan to scream ....Hello


I found myself again

I'm free

I'm fucking happy

Now,in the Present Tense, I am Myself

I am mine







To drop the leash, you have to listen to Anthony and his friends....

This fucking T.V. stole our dreams and replaced it with stupid things

I think Aretha has got something to tell

Time has come to respect each other,

To protect each other

Let's play two-gether

Like you, Eddie,I believe in the force of the nature,

In the force of the human nature...

To change now....in the PRESENT TENSE

To have beautiful FUTURE DAYS for you and me


I can't say anything about  this track.

I love this song but I'm a fan, passionnate....the opposite of Indifference

But it's a part of the problem, for sure.

In-difference, In-dividualism....


We're all different and all the same.

We are unique


But we fell the same emotons

We breath the same air

DrinK the same water

Why do you think you are better , USA?

You are living on an Isle and the only thing that will happen if you don't change 

Is that you'll become isolated.

Be like us..please

Be open

Open your Heart

Open your eyes

Open your Brain

Open your mouth

The people have the power........


I'm nearly to the end of my story

As Mike sing this was



The story of the life?

Pearl Jam will explain it to you

Time has come for the evolution.....the love evolution



This was a love story

Between me and my favourite band

Between me and my family

Between me and my friends

Between me and the rest of the world

Between me and our mother.......THE EARTH


Between Me and myself


I was like Kurt, do you remember?

I hate myself and I want to die


In the Present tense,

I change everything...

I love myself and I want to live

I'm Alive...still Alive


What about you?


I've opened my heart and my brain to you

What is in your heart and in your brain?




You know who I am

But you,

Who are you?

You know who you are.....????


My name is Low....Low Ik for Loïc

I came from another country, another planet, another galaxy....UTOPIA

This is the land of the freedom.


I'll pass 40 soon

But in my heart and in my brain

I'll always be 6.


With all my love






N.B: P.M.A.(positive mental attitude)...dont' forget

never forget: I'm not small ,i'm far away

I'm like my dreams  tall and strong

I'm just a father

We're all brother

Let's play two-gether

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